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 Tutorial: Gaara's Gourd

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Uzumaki Naruto
Uzumaki Naruto

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Tutorial: Gaara's Gourd Empty
PostSubject: Tutorial: Gaara's Gourd   Tutorial: Gaara's Gourd Icon_minitimeSun Jun 01, 2008 6:58 pm


1. Rubber balls
2. Insulation foam(spray)
3. Fiberglass resin jelly
4. Fiberglass cloth
5. Sandpaper
6. Paint(beige, black and sandstone)

Constructing the gourd

This prop started of with two rubber balls which makes the gourd light and easy to carry around.

1. I connected the balls with a thick layer of spray foam in the middle that I sculpted to curve in.

2. I glued that on with the strongest epoxy cement I could find.

3. Next I coated the whole thing with fiberglass resin jelly and cloth.(this is the most time consuming part)

4. Next I sanded it smooth and painted it. (I used a coat of beige and then gave it a coat of sandstone texture paint so it has a lovely velvet-sand texture to the touch.)

5. The lip on top is carved foam sealed and attached with epoxy.

6. And finally I finished it off w/ hand painted MWM's and it's good to go.

Final note
Constructing this prop cost me roughly around 30-35$ which is pretty cheap considering the durability and the size (30" x 16") and not to mention that this prop was only 4lbs in weight so it's not a strain in the back. Time and patience is the key factor, avoid rushing through it and it will turn out great! for best results allow fiberglass resin to sit for at least 2 days before sanding.

hope this helps in any way!


P.S. If anyone is interested on how to make an Akatsuki Coat let me know, I'd be more than happy to post a step by step guide:D

Tutorial: Gaara's Gourd Pbucket
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Akimichi Chouji
Akimichi Chouji

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Tutorial: Gaara's Gourd Empty
PostSubject: Re: Tutorial: Gaara's Gourd   Tutorial: Gaara's Gourd Icon_minitimeSun Jun 01, 2008 10:22 pm

Very helpful. Very similar to the way I was planning on doing it spare a few things. Your way might even be better though.

I'm sure there's at least a few people who would love to see your Akatsuki cloak tutorial, myself included. I bought one out of desperation but I'd rather make my own.
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Tutorial: Gaara's Gourd
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