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 sasori is bored...soooo

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sasori is bored...soooo Empty
PostSubject: sasori is bored...soooo   sasori is bored...soooo Icon_minitimeTue Sep 09, 2008 7:51 am

Sooo... I found out that this forum doesn't accept anyone that's over the age of 99 so I started wondering what if I changed my birthday to tomorrow's date in which I will turn 100 years old..will I get kicked out for being too old or will it just continue on...hmm yeah this is what happens when Sasori is bored..

Mapquest indicates that the distance from where I live to where I work is estimated to be 2.58 miles and the total estimated time of travel is about 6 minutes and it is estimated that a red light in a traffic stop has a maximum of 2 minutes in waiting time during rush hours and there is about 8 traffic lights from where I live to where I work however the traffic lights are synchronized so the chances of me being stuck on a red light is 2 out of 8..and since my shift starts at 7am and it takes atleast 2 minutes to get to the punch clock that means... oh shit I'm gonna be late...

sasori is bored...soooo Pbucket
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sasori is bored...soooo
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