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 RULES - Please Read

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Akimichi Chouji
Akimichi Chouji

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RULES - Please Read Empty
PostSubject: RULES - Please Read   RULES - Please Read Icon_minitimeMon Dec 22, 2008 1:06 am

I noticed recently that there is no posted rule list like there was on the old forums

Forum Procedure:

1) If you have an event or cosplay group idea, please feel free to share. Send you ideas to Akimichi Chouji.

2) All cosplay groups and events will be posted by the administrator. Event and group ideas must be checked with the admin before being posted on the forums.

3) When scheduling cosplay groups at major cons Naruto based groups will take priority over other groups.

Forum Conduct:

1) Please don't post spam. Posts that are meaningful and contribute are preferable.

2) Keep inappropriate language to a minimum. No one's gonna freak out for dropping the occasional profanity but there are some pretty young members on the board and there's no reason to expose them to exceptionally vulgar language.

3) Spelling is something to keep in mind. No one will be punished for spelling poorly we all do it sometimes but it makes everyone's life a little easier when they don't have to decipher your writing.

4) No Harassment whatsoever. There's no reason to criticize or harass anyone ever. This policy is NOT taken lightly and people who are a perpetual disturbance will be given little warning before being banned. THIS IS YOUR WARNING. The Admins and moderators are here to take care of the forums. It is not your responsibility to tell people what they are doing wrong. Trust we will take care of it and if we are not feel free to message me.

Rules May Be Updated at Any Time and we have the right to ban under any circumstances we feel appropriate.

-Is Huge Like X Box-
RULES - Please Read 212iyjp
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RULES - Please Read
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